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Article: The Necromancer Princess

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The Necromancer Princess (Book 1)

A fantasy romance set in a gaslamp world.

Available in e-book and paperback. 352 pages


Exiled from her birthright as a child, Brianna's only crime was to be born a necromancer in a world that mandates their execution. Rather than have his only child executed, her father, the King of Belmontis, entrusts his closest friend with her care and sends her away before claiming her death from illness.

Twenty years later, her father has been assassinated by her cousin, who now holds the throne, while Brianna is living anonymously in the Warrens of Mountainvale, the city's worst, most dangerous slums. Though she is unaware of the gathering threat beyond the borders of the country she might have ruled, a foreign necromancer is gathering his army to invade, starting with the city she now calls home. Having already taken a neighboring nation in just weeks, they have set their sights on wealthy Belmontis and only another necromancer can stop them.

When Garrett Morvan, Mountainvale's city commander, receives a royal command to arrest the necromancer hiding in his city and hold her until the King's representative can arrive, he's shocked to think such a foul creature might be lurking in his city. Only when his men finally bring her in, she's nothing like he imagined a necromancer would be. Instead of the mad hag he expected, she's young, beautiful, sarcastic and determined to escape his custody, one way or another....

What people are saying:

 "Fun.Thoughtful. Romantic. Great if you you like thinking with your fantasy romance, as I do. The book has good action scenes. Funny dialogue. Main focus on the interaction between the necromancer princess and a city guard commander. " - Randy S. on Amazon

 "Overall a good story- very different than expected" - Jason on Amazon

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Article: The Necromancer's Legend

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The Necromancer's Legend (Book 2)

Available in e-book and paperback. 340 pages


Alec Reegan is a man with few choices. Spymaster to the King of Belmontis by tradition, he detests Samuel Hollings, the current king. But threat and duty have conspired to keep him bound to the crown, despite his hatred for the man wearing it.

So when Hollings commands him to locate Garrett Morvan, Mountainvale's retired city commander, to verify the necromancer he had trained isn't with him, Alec knows he's being set up. Since that same poor woman died defending them, he's certain its nothing more than an absurd loyalty test, designed to catch him out. So all he wants is to get into the city, get the information he needs and get out before he's caught by the country's most notorious criminal, the Rat King of the Warrens.

Determined to hurry this along, Alec soon finds he must ingratiate himself with Marian Morvan, certain she will tell him where her brother has gone. But Alec is missing one crucial piece of information: it's not just the city which is under the Rat King's protection, but the very same woman he has targeted.

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Article: The Necromancer Queen (Book 3)

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The Necromancer Queen (Book 3)

Available in e-book and paperback. 349 pages


Having retired from his position as Mountainvale's city commander to follow the woman he loves into hiding, Garrett Morvan is not enjoying country life like he had hoped he would. Now, he has nothing more pressing to do than menial chores, their cottage is far too primitive and his every step is dogged by an annoying goat named Claudia. Much as he loves Bree, he's near to the breaking point, waiting for something to change.

But then her uncle Eddie, Mountainvale's notorious Rat King of the Warrens, arrives with his sister Marian, an inherited spymaster and his shadow arm, determined to put Bree on the throne, regardless of her feelings about it.

Suddenly, country life is the least of his problems.

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