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Article: A Girl Called Eight

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A Girl Called Eight

The Sentinel Series: Book 2

A genetic-engineering science-fiction thriller.

Available in e-book now (and print soon). print length: 200 pages.


Emily thought she and her sisters were the only ones. But they're not.

Genetically altered, raised and trained to be an assassin just like her sisters, Nina and Sara, Emily has been enjoying life since gaining her freedom nearly a year ago. No longer a girl called Eight, now she's Emily instead. Other than brawling with her sisters for fun, she's been living a relatively normal life, taking college classes and helping out on the ranch.

But all that changes with a single phone call.

Once her family learns about children like them at risk of being murdered upon the termination of the illegal program which created them, they have no choice. With the help of their whole family, a sympathetic sheriff and a helpful motorcycle club, Emily and her sisters set out to rescue the children.

But the clock is ticking, and if they fail, the children will die.

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A Girl Called Nine

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