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Article: Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

effective March 30, 2017

What type of information is collected about you?

When you visit this website our web server collects certain data about your visit and records that information in its logs. Server logs contain a timestamp, IP Address and URL that you visited. Along with that information, the server records a status code to indicate to us how the server performed in providing the page and the amount of data sent and received. For example, it records an "OK" message on each successful page visit and a "not found" message if you try to go to a page that does not exist.

We use Google Analytics and Google Adwords to better understand our website's visitors (Geolocation, Demographics and Interests) and to try to improve the quality of the advertising campaigns that we run on the Internet, respectively. Google Analytics collects and retains information about users and you should refer to their privacy policy for more information about specifics: “How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps”. You can also set options to control what information is retained using a browser plugin available at

Because we provide Twitter Widgets (the "follow" buttons you see on the site), Twitter collects some information about your visit. You should review the Twitter Privacy Policy and your privacy settings within Twitter.

When you sign up for my mailing list, you provide an email address to us via a third-party service from You should review MailChimp's privacy policy at

How is the information that is collected used?

We use the information collected from the webserver and from Google Adwords and Analytics to review statistics about the site. As an example, we can see how many people visited the website on a specific day or for the month. We also use that data to improve the content of the site by identifying any errors in the logs and by understanding our visitors - like what country you're visiting from or what kind of device you use to visit the website (like mobile phone, PC or tablet). This information helps us to tailor the formatting and content of the site to provide a better experience. It may also lead to additional content or changes to existing content to address any trends we see in the visitor data in aggregate.

When you sign up for the mailing list, we use your email address to send you email messages through MailChimp.

Is my data shared with any other parties? does not share details of the site's visitors with any third parties. However, we cannot make the same claims on behalf of Google, Twitter or MailChimp. You should review their policies linked above and at least take appropriate steps to establish your privacy preferences with those companies. Aside from sending messages directly to you on the mailing list, we do not use your email address for anything beyond knowing how many subscribers we have.

How do I request a change to the information retained about me?

You can contact us at privacy (at) valerykeith (dot) com with any specific requests you have regarding your information. For mailing list opt-outs, please use the self-service unsubscribe features of the mail message to unsubscribe or you can contact subscriptions (at) valerykeith (dot) com to be de-enrolled manually. If you prefer paper mail, you may also send a letter to our mailing address at: PO Box 89, Long Valley, New Jersey 07853.

How will I be notified of changes to this policy?

This policy is effective March 30, 2017. Changes to the policy will be posted to this page and with those changes the effective date of the policy will be updated. At this time, we do not plan to send separate notifications if/when the policy is updated.

Website Cookies

We use cookies on this website to track ad campaign metrics and provide demographic insights for the site's visitors. You can use the options discussed above to set your preferences about what data is collected.

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