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The Necromancer's Legend and The Necromancer Queen are Now Available (5/30)

The Necromancer Queen is now a 3-book series!

The Necromancer's Legend cover image The Necromancer Queen cover image

A Girl Called Seven is Now Available (1/5)

A Girl Called Seven cover image

A Girl Called Eight is Now Available (12/1)

A Girl Called Eight cover image

A Girl Called Nine Sale! 9/1-9/4

A Girl Called Nine cover image

A Girl Called Nine is a science-fiction thriller about genetic engineering. Check out the book's page for more information.

The Necromancer Princess

The Necromancer Princess book cover image

August 10, 2017

I'm very excited to announce the availability of my latest novel. It's a romance, set in a gaslamp/victorian/fantasy world. More details are on the book's home page.

Habitat 762 is Now Available

Habitat 762 book cover image

June 21, 2017

Habitat is a science-fiction thriller. It's about a lot of things - technology, exploration, human weakness. Check out the description and more on the Habitat 762 page.

Article: My Books Listed by Genre and Rating

Books by Genre and Rating



Rated PG

Rated R



My Pet Demon - A PG Romantic Comedy Novel  


The Necromancer Princess - An R rated Romantic Fantasy

Epic Fantasy

Our Lady of Joy - a PG rated Romantic Fantasy Series (8 books)  



A Girl Called Nine - A PG rated SciFi Thriller Habitat 762 - An R-rated SciFi Thriller
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